Q. Do you charge an extra handling fee?

A. For the most part, I do not. Items listed for FREE SHIPPING have that cost absorbed in them, while you still get a great price for a great item. I do have to charge a low handling fee of $1.00 for foreign shipments, and for special shipping requests, there is an additional fee.

Q. I noticed that your shipping costs for USPS Priority Mail seem the same as USPS General Parcel costs. Why is that?

A. Strange as it may seem, I found out that within certain zones, USPS costs are very close, managed by the USPS themselves, not me. One great advantage of Priority is the automatic $50.00 insurance, and the valid tracking number.

Q. Is it true that you only sell inside the Continental US?

A. Absolutely not! I do sell to many countries across the world, ones that have well-managed and trusted Postal services. I do ask that you contact me first if there are any questions about sending to your country. Let me make sure I can do that, knowing that you will be paying any customs, export, import, whatever fees, even if it is listed as FREE SHIPPING.

Q. How long does it take to ship something after purchase is made?

A. Normally I will have it packed and mailed by the next day. On weekends, usually the shipment day is Monday or Tuesday. On rare occasions, especially winter time, it may take longer, but I do try to ship withing 3 business days!

Q. Are you really as handsome as your picture shows? And who is the lucky lady in your life?

A. Okay, now I’m blushing. Yes, I am the old dude in the pictures. And that lucky lady is Karen, although I truly think I am the lucky one!

Q. I heard that you sometimes have coupon giveaways. How do I go about getting one?

A. We offer coupons from time to time via CRAIGSLIST in the Colorado area. Coupons are good for 15% off at my store, Soulman’s Corner Collectibles, located at 121 Halley’s Avenue, Unit B, Poncha Springs, Colorado, for any of my items in our store! Additionally, we will be offering coupons here in this web store for returning customers in the very near future. Watch for it!

Q. Does your FREE SHIPPING apply to all items, or just some?

A. Sorry, FREE SHIPPING is limited to certain items in our store, and is only good within the United States. One note, if you purchase 2 or more items listed as having FREE SHIPPING, then that stands! Sorry, cannot mix up different shipping methods, but if you contact me first, we may be able to work something out!

Q. Do you have to charge tax on all states?

A. Thanks to the Feds and their argument with a certain high-powered company (A thru Z), the rules and regulations were changed in 2018. Now we have to charge that tax to all states, DC, and even Puerto Rico. Makes it difficult for us, cuz now little guys like me have to keep track of those tax funds and get them back to their greedy little papas. Sorry.