Howdy there!
Well, I’ve been hunting and collecting in the world of antiques and vintage collectibles for decades. I started out as a teenager, noticing the neat little things that popped up from time to time. Starting out small, I slowly accumulated more and more. Since the mid 1970’s I worked swap meets, flea markets and occasional estate sales. When Ebay first entered the market, I saw that was the opening of a grand new venue, and I joined. I have worked many years listing on Ebay, and several other sites, and now, I am online with my own site! I used to have several booths at the Rocky Mountain Antiques store, 3816 West Eisenhower Blvd, there in Loveland, Colorado which helped to advertise my wares more broadly.
Now, I have my very own brick and mortar store at 121 Halley’s Avenue, Unit B, in Poncha Springs, Colorado. You can find me just north of Vino Salida just off County Road 120.
My beautiful wife Karen and I have an accumulated family of 8 children and 16 grandchildren! We work together out of our home, which can get crowded from time to time.
But that’s okay, we always work towards keeping our customers happy, and coming back. This is our second website, and hopefully it will be much better and more packed with goodies for anyone and everyone!
You can also find me in Facebook under Soulmans Corner Collectibles. There you can read the latest news and see pictures of my offerings, both online and at Soulman’s Corner Collectibles store!
So come on over, or peruse these listings, and I am sure you will find something to whet your appetite with! Thank you for looking, and please, email me if you need something I don’t show. Chances are, I might have it, or I can find it!!

Thanks for looking, and please check out my other items. I also maintain a presence on eBay at Soulmanscorner7 , where you will find many more items. I also maintain a presence on Etsy at Soulmansplace. Check it out!