The Blooper Reel —- Have you seen any?

Well, I consider myself a bit of a blooper fanatic. Seems I can’t watch a program or a movie without looking for a blooper, a mistake, an outtake that should have been taken out, but missed the knife.

Like tonight, on an episode of Superior Donuts, on CBSTV, when the long-lost daughter showed up at the donut shop, and Franco, the shop assistant, pushes an envelope across the counter to the daughter, thinking she was with the health department. If you watch, the envelope jumps clear across to the counter on his right, then jumps back.

2 thoughts on “The Blooper Reel —- Have you seen any?

  1. Larry Vargas says:

    Thank you so much for visiting! I haven’t been able to update the bloopers we’ve seen at home, mostly because we just moved into our new home/store here in Poncha Springs, Colorado, and man, what a task!
    But we will be updating more often, and if you see one, let us know!
    Such fun!!

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